When it all seems to have gone wrong we are more than qualified to get you and your computer systems back up and running in next to no time at all.

Computer & Laptop Setup And Maintenance.

If you have purchased a new computer or laptop and need some assistance setting it up or help to transfer your data and documents. We are happy to visit you at home at a time that suits you and get the new pc up and running, retrieve all your documents, music, videos, photos, internet favorites etc and transfer to your new computer. We will also ensure your aware of the need for antivirus and internet security, and advise you of the most suitable security software for your situation.

Computer & Laptop Hardware Repair.

If you have an issue with a desktop or laptop computer which is hardware related, all is not lost, we specialize in fixing and replacing computer and laptop hardware, whether its a problem with a DVD drive or your laptop screen has gone blank, we are happy to visit you at home and advise you on how best to fix the issue.

Broadband Internet and Email Support.

When it comes to choosing an internet, phone and email provider it can leave you feeling like you're stuck in a web of information, if you want advice on which provider to choose, help setting up your new internet router or getting a new email address, give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist.

Internet Firewall and Virus Protection .

You've invested a lot of money in your computer and internet connections. In today's world of 24hr internet connectivity, it is vital that you protect your investment with suitable antivirus and firewall software. Disktone can point you in the right direction for the most suitable software you can buy and download, and we will be happy to help you install and configure it.

Kids Computers and Parental Controls.

So the kids have a computer in their room, disktone.com can assist you to purchase and enable parental controls on their pc. In todays world its never been more important to ensure you keep them safe online, limit the type of content they can access and even restrict the times they can access the internet. You may think their in bed asleep, but without proper and appropriate controls in place they could be on the awake and chatting to anyone anywhere in the world.

Data Recovery Services.

Deleted some documents from your computer, some picture from your camera? Do you desperately need to recover this data? Stop now, switch the device off first of all. The data is still there and we can recover it for you, so switch it off and call disktone.com straight away, we can visit and recover your data for you. Even when it is all lost, perhaps your computer or device has been in a fire, we have partners that will more than likely be able to recover your data important files.

And Much More....

There really is no IT related job too big or small for us, we will even help you setup a smart phone such as an Iphone or Blackberry, so no matter what your need, give us a call and let us know how we can assist.
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