#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Authen::Captcha; # You MUST create the following directories yourself. FormMail will not work # without them, unless you are not using Captcha support. # Set this to a directory that is not accessible via the web. # Often something like /home/yourname/.captcha_data my $captcha_datadir = "/home/sites/disktone.com/public_html/../.captcha_data"; # Set this to a directory that will store the captcha images. This should # be accessible via the web because it will be included on the page. # Often something like /home/yourname/public_html/fm/captcha_img my $captcha_outputdir = "/home/sites/disktone.com/public_html/forms/img"; # This should be the same as the directory above, but using the web accessible # URL path. If you have /home/yourname/public_html/fm/captcha_img above then # you will need /fm/captcha_img here. my $image_dir = "/forms/img"; # Use the following few settings to configure the form values. # This should be the location of the FormMail.cgi script. my $formmail = "/forms/FormMail.cgi"; # This is where you want the email to go. my $recipient = 'sales@disktone.com'; # This is where the user should be taken to after submitting the form. my $redirect = "http://disktone.com"; my $captcha = Authen::Captcha->new( data_folder => $captcha_datadir, output_folder => $captcha_outputdir, ); my ($md5sum, $chars) = $captcha->generate_code(4); # eliminate ambiguous chars from $chars my $bad_chars = 1; while ($bad_chars) { if ( $chars =~ m/o|0|O|l|i|1|q|9|6|b|s|S|5|2|Z/) { ($md5sum, $chars) = $captcha->generate_code(4); } else { $bad_chars = 0; } } # Modify the HTML below to make your form how you like it. # Ensure that you read the instructions carefully. # Do not edit outside the comment sections, unless you are sure # you know what you're doing. print <<"END"; Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1 Disktone.com - Computer And Network Services For Business And Home Office Users

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