With the increasing complexity of today's computer systems and networks, many of our clients find that it is no longer cost-effective to maintain a full Information Technology (I.T.) department within their organization. By outsourcing their computer and network support and maintenance needs to Disktone.com, our clients are able to eliminate the out-of pocket expenses for training and equipping an IT professional, and avoid the overhead of additional full-time employees. This allows the business to focus and invest in its main goals, providing its own products and services to its customers.

Business I.T. Systems Design Services

We have worked on varied systems for many different businesses, we keep up with the latest products and developments. Our briefing on new technologies, as well as our experience with implementation of new systems at other businesses provides us with a background that your company can utilize to assist in throughout any design, installation or upgrade projects. Our staff can help you evaluate new technology and design a plan for the best way to interface it with your existing systems.

Business I.T Support Services

Our services can be retained on a scheduled basis or utilized as needed. Because our technicians have experiences on a variety of different networks they are able to solve problems more quickly than a single in-house staff member with limited experience and training.

Business I.T Troubleshooting

As our staff work with design and troubleshooting various networking configurations on a daily basis, we can bring our experience to your network emergencies. Our experience of working on with large and complex systems gives us all the knowledge and tools needed to get your systems back into operation quickly. The combination of our staff's knowledge and experience of system outages result in quick resolution of even the largest network problems.

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